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A Smattering Of Thoughts II


In my first “Smattering Of Thoughts” post, I talked about Hecht’s concussions, Adam’s ice time, broadcast woes, and more. Since then, Jason Pominville wasn’t picked last in the All-Star Draft and that’s about it on the Sabres front. So here’s a second thought-spew post for your reading pleasure!

Darcy And Lindy Safe…For Now
On the 26th, Jeremy White tweeted a report from Paul Hamilton that probably raised the hackles of a few change-minded fans:

While I am also of the opinion that both Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier need not be in their respective positions with the Buffalo Sabres any more, I also feel like replacing them now would be more trouble than it’s worth. Any candidates for general manager would likely require asking the permission from their teams to talk them, while it’s always easier to find a new coach in the offseason. I’m more concerned with the Sabres going into 2012-2013 with the same coach and GM than I am them finishing 2011-2012 with that pair.

Pearl Jam Meets Hockey Heaven
If you’re familiar with Nick Mendola’s work, you know he’s a master of the Buffalo sports parody song. Perhaps you’ve heard “Hey There, Trent Edwards”? Well, he’s got a new ditty out that’s a play on a Pearl Jam classic you may just want to hear. Presenting “Centerman” by Nick Mendola and mixed by “Pumice T” Mendola. The whole thing is damn genius.

Someone Fix The Broadcast Team
The last Sabres game, the broadcast team of Kevin Sylvester and Danny Gare had Brian Duff as their guest for the night. It was a not a good night for the team. Both Sylvester and Gare are incredibly unprofessional with their excited shrieking and disappointed moans, while Duff tried his best to bring his A-game with anecdotes a-plenty. The problem? His style (often categorized as boring) is such a contrast from Sylvester and Gare that the broadcast was a disjointed mess. If Sylvester and Gare are the future of this team’s broadcasts, it’ll be near-unlistenable. I’ve been advocating bringing in Dan Dunleavy as Rick Jeanneret’s replacement since the summer. Whatever they do, they need to get Gare out of there.

To Podcast Or Not To Podcast
I’ve been toying with the idea of running a podcast recently. With the additions to the writing staff, there’s a lot we could talk about and I think it’d be some pretty good product. What do you guys think? Leave me your thoughts in the comments.

On a related note, I’m going to compile all the best Sabres podcasts for your convenience in a future post.

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  1. Sam permalink
    01/27/12 10:53 PM

    I’ll take as much bb&g as I can get. I’ve long respected the opinions listed here…. And love to hear people a lil more tuned in than myself talk about the team. By the way. Any thoughts on the latest twitter rumor send Roy to the caps for a young up and coming centerman. Clearly doesn’t help the depth. But I’ll take young and promising and a shake up….

  2. Sam permalink
    01/27/12 10:59 PM

    By the way. Centerman is epic. I need to send this to every

  3. 01/28/12 12:07 AM

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    A podcast really wouldn’t be a bad idea, provided it was executed correctly. A few friends and I tossed around the idea of starting a Sabres podcast a while back, so the topic was throughly researched over the course of a season. It never materialized, and instead, I did a few freelance/fan correspondent appearances on a FoxSports NHL podcast. While it was fun, there are a few logistics you should consider before you start:

    * Make sure you have a solid place to store all the sound files. Some of the free sites shut off service after you exceed their bandwidth allotment.
    * Embed it into a post or sidebar, so people don’t HAVE to download it.
    * Run a few features that people can expect to hear each week/month, whether it be a “game of the week” or “unique stats” section. Format is important.
    * Be sure to have one consistant host. If it is two different people every week, the lack of consistency can turn people away. Additionally, don’t make it a “WGR roundtable”. If you live in Buffalo, you know what I mean: Don’t have one person who bashes everyone else’s opinion.
    * Answer fan questions, be it email or a twitter hashtag.

    Kevin Sylvester and Danny Gare really don’t have what it takes to be a long-term broadcast team. While the play-by-play has improved between the first game and now, it seems to have plateaued around an ECHL level. I hope Sylvester doesn’t think by getting in at the “right time” he has some broadcaster-for-life job… Radio personalities, as well as sports commentators, are EASILY replaced (considering the number of declared “Communications” college grads leaking out of schools each year).

    At least Brian Duff can effectively do Rob Ray’s job while the 1b broadcast team is on the road.

    Nick Mendola deserves a trophy for his song.

    Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the blog for a bit. Keep up the good work.

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