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Vulgar Opinions: Is It Time For Jochen Hecht To Retire?


I tweeted back and forth briefly with Bill Hoppe about this earlier today, and his response gave me pause. My initial reaction was that Hecht should shelve himself, but Hoppe said it’s too soon to know if playing again is a good idea. I don’t really know enough about concussions and their impact on the brain to be able to refute that intelligently so I didn’t (and won’t) dig any farther from a medical perspective.

There are a couple things about this that jump out at me.  The first is Lindy Ruff’s words; “emotionally unstable.”  Given what just happened this past summer with Rick Rypien, Wade Belak, and Derek Boogaard, those are about the most frightening words you can hear in reference to a hockey player.  I certainly hope someone is keeping close tabs on Hecht with those players in mind.  The second is perhaps even more eye-opening.  This all seems to have come out of the blue.  No one (as far as I know) has been able to pinpoint a moment when it happened, which suggests to me that it probably didn’t take much.  How easy is the next one going to come?  And if Hecht is nauseous and emotionally unstable now, what next?

Hecht has been my second favorite player behind Vanek for some time now. I love watching him play hockey. But I’d love it more if he put his family first and called it a career. I think it’s the smart thing to do.

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  1. extraattacker permalink
    01/26/12 9:44 AM

    I agree with you. Injuries come and go in the NHL as bones heal and tendons strengthen. But concusions and the human brain are a different scenario. If indeed this is something as bad as it seems could they no be doing Hecht a favor by at least putting him on LTIR and giveing him the time he needs to heal in what seems to be a lost season? I am Sabres fan no matter their record and they are never out of it in my eyes till the numbers say so. But Hecht is not going to save this season and life and family come above all. I am not sure about if he shoudl retire (unless he planned to after this year) but he needs to be put on a shelf for the year. After all if he is emotinallyunstable isn’t it possible he makes a horrible decision? Protect what seems to be a good man and give him the year off at the least.

  2. 01/26/12 10:22 AM

    I think Hecht should be thinking about retiring. His contract does expire after this year. Regardless of his decision, he needs to take time off and not rush back into action. Seeing him retire wouldn’t surprise me, and I believe that may be his best option.

  3. gr8daygo permalink
    01/26/12 1:22 PM

    I will miss Hecht… but the game just isnt as important as family, enjoying and being able to enjoy his family. Ive always liked him and Id give him a key to the arena to be around whenever and how ever often he’d like, but not as a member of the on ice team. Its sad but playing again is just not worth his long term health…


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