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Video Review: Sabres @ Devils 01/24/12

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Final Score:  Buffalo 2 – New Jersey 1  (shootout)

Goal 1 – Jordan Leopold from Nathan Gerbe and Matt Ellis (Buffalo 1 – 0)

Starting out the Devils are looking pretty bad coming out of the zone.  3 players on one side of the ice.  If Buffalo has some sense of urgency in this rush, it could’ve been a passes in the neutral zone allowing New Jersey to recover by the time they reach the blue line.  Leopold makes a smart play by passing it to Gerbe.  This allows him and Ellis to crash the net while Gerbe can decide to shoot and hope for a rebound, attempt a pass to one of the streaking players to the net, or shoot it high and wide in what seems to be the story of the season.  He decides to shoot at a terrible angle and distance.  Kurtis Foster from the Devils gets a piece of it with his stick, sending the puck even more off trajectory.   If you watch Adam Henrique (#14 on the Devils), he seems to be tracking the puck along the glass and vacates his back check to pick it up on the half wall.  Not sure what he was looking at because it definitely wasn’t the puck.  Leopold, heading hard to the net, scores the goal by a bad bounce off the glass behind Brodeur.

Goal 2 – Patrik Elias from Zach Parise and Kurtis Foster (Tied 1 – 1)

Hurray!  What I’ve been saying the Sabres need to do on the PK actually takes place.  Stafford and Pominville are more towards the point covering the point shot.  That is until Elias fakes Stafford out of his shorts.  Ugh, he bought it.  Leopold would’ve been fine.  Despite Stafford’s minor check up, they are in good position.  Miller can clearly see the shot.  The shot is rifled into Myers’ junk, enough to put anyone down for a good 5 minutes with or without protection.  Parise makes a beautiful pass to Elias who puts it past Miller.  Other than Stafford not buying the Elias deke, not much went wrong here.  It was just the combination of Myers’ life flashing before his eyes and New Jersey making a nice play.

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