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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 13


Good lord the Sabres are awful. Haven’t been watching? No fear, I have numbers that say so! Oooohhh…numbers…ahhhh…

When we started this whole shebang, the Sabres were ranked first in their conference and the Blues were ranked 14th.  Now the Sabres are an injury riddled dumpster fire and the Blues are challenging for not only the division, but the conference lead itself.  There is something to be said for “not panicking” and trusting that the pieces you have in place are good ones going through a bad stretch.  There is also something to be said for saying, “hey, we’ve got a lot of talent here…I think we should be better than this, let’s make changes.”  And yes, I do think the Sabres are way more talented than their record indicates (though still missing pieces to be a true contender).  But let’s move away from that, shall we?

I think, aside from the Bruins and the Crosby-healthy Penguins (not buying it NYR) that there is no one in the East that is really significantly better than anyone else.  The logjam in points, the (yet again) atrocious South(l)east, and the fact that you can talk yourself into most anyone having a hot week or two and sliding into a playoff spot seem to bear this out, (along with my awesome power rankings).  And the West really isn’t that different, it’s just that the logjam has been shifted down to 7th-12th place.  I guess this is what you get in the expansion-happy, parity-driven, salary cap era.  Enjoy.

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  1. Nick permalink
    01/22/12 1:43 PM

    That goals per game number is staggering–so disturbing with this group. Goaltending issues aside, this team can not put the puck in the net. They are much too talented (probably overstating their talent, but…) to not be able to score on a more consistent basis. This current stretch should be a clear indication that changes are needed.

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