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Video Review: Sabres @ Jets 01/19/12

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Final Score:  Winnipeg 4 – Buffalo 1

Goal 1 – Andrew Ladd from Ron Hainsey and Kyle Wellwood (Jets 1 – 0)

First of all, I’m not quite sure what Gragnani was doing or even trying to do.  He accomplished letting Ladd walk in to the slot and get a clear look at Miller, with a few swipes of his stick.  Missing on all of them.  Miller makes the save, and the Sabres are already collapsed.  All five are below the hash marks.  Why is Adam so low and why is Ellis chasing the puck into the corner?  Adam should be up at the top of the circle, Ellis near the face off dot and Weber with the puck pursuit.  We then see why when you pause it at the 9 second mark.  Hello, Hainsey and Enstrom are all alone at the point.  Do what you want with the puck here boys.  Pass it over to Enstrom for the one timer, or just let one rip while the 4 of the Sabres watch near the top of circles.  Just a hunch, but I think Hainsey chose to let ‘er rip.  It does go off of Ladd, who was credited with the goal.  Now I ask this simple question on this disaster:  In a matter of 7 seconds, Gragnani who was in front (pause at 6 seconds) vacates it, and Weber is left all alone with Ladd in front?  You can see Weber pick up Ladd from the corner at the 7 second mark.  So Gragnani felt everything was okay and and ends up near the top of the faceoff circle.  Goats on this goal (in order of “BAHHH” level) are: Gragnani, Adam, and Ellis. Wow.  After doing Chicago’s review yesterday, this has been the worst goal so far.  Just a defensive zone nightmare.

Goal 2 – Drew Stafford from Nathan Gerbe (Tied 1 – 1)

Aha!  Looks like we’re not the only team to get caught down low.  Hainsey gets caught, leading to the 2 on 1 with the Gerbster and Stafford.  Important fact here:  Do you see Roy sprinting up the middle?  He’s not trying to join the rush, he’s going to do the most important play in this sequence.  He’s going to keep the 2 on 1 just that, a 2 on 1.  As Roy gets to the blue line, he turns into Bryan Little effectively cutting him off from getting back into the play.  He does a good job, and at exactly the correct time.  Pausing it at 5 seconds, the pass goes from Gerbe to Stafford and Little would’ve had the perfect opportunity to break up that pass if it wasn’t for Roy creating a little havoc. Not only that, but Roy goes to the far post ready for a rebound if one was given.  Gerbe’s pass is a little off so Stafford doesn’t have the opportunity for a one timer.  However, he has time to receive the pass and then shoot because of the space between him and Gerbe.  Pavelec has to go from outside the crease to the post, which is probably the most difficult move a goalie has to make. He has to move laterally to cover the pass, and depth-wise to cover the post.

Goal 3 – Tobias Enstrom from Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler (Jets 2 – 1)

WGR and Paul Hamilton will tell you this is Derek Roy’s fault to “sell himself” and block the point shot.  And I’m going to tell you the same thing. The Jets quickly set up a pseudo umbrella after the first shot.  Pseudo because there’s no one in front from the Jets.  If you pause it at 8 seconds, you see that Kaleta and Roy are equal with each other horizontally.  Evander Kane is at the top of the near circle.  Bryan Little has a ton of options here.  Hold on to the puck and slow it down, cross ice pass to Kane, pass it back to Wheeler in the corner and work it down low, or pass it to Enstrom who is already wound up ready for the one timer before the puck even leaves Little’s stick.  Roy’s lack of coming out to challenge the top of umbrella is what makes the goal here.  Roy is staring at Little as if he’s a hot chick in a mini-skirt.  Hello?  Derek?  You are to cover two men here Kane and Enstrom and not stare down the puck carrier.  Little makes the pass to Enstrom and Roy turns with the puck, facing Enstrom.   Roy doesn’t sell himself…you want to know why?  He didn’t have the chance to!  As soon as that puck is moving up the half wall to the point, the forwards are to get up to cover the point as soon as possible.  Don’t watch the puck, just get there.  Fast.  You see your defenseman winding up for a one timer because you are a step behind, you get your ass down to the ice to block the shot.  Roy does neither.  Effectively screens Miller and does his best audition for the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  I’m sure Sekera knew what happened as it seemed he stared down Roy with daggers.

Goal 4 – Tim Stapleton from Nik Antropov and Andrew Ladd (Jets 3 – 1)

At the start, we are in good position.  Until Myers over commits to Ladd.  Tsk tsk, Tyler.  Myers needs to release coverage on Ladd and let Pominville deal with it once Ladd gets to the hash marks.  Myers then needs to cover the man heading to the net, Antropov.  You let Ladd skate around all he wants on the half wall and while we cover the passing lanes.  Myers thinks otherwise.  He lets the pass go through to Antropov, and Antropov passes to Stapleton.  Sekera is in front with Stapleton.  He could’ve turned around and just taken Stapleton out.  I’m pretty sure Sekera is taller than Stapleton who is Gerbe size.  Antropov has a look on him as if that was too easy.  Yes Nik, it was.

Goal 5 – Nik Antropov from Kyle Wellwood and Johnny Oduya (Jets 4 – 1)

First thing I’m going to point out is Thomas Vanek  He completely skates out of the zone (7 seconds onward) and is no where to be found for the rest of the clip.  Where’d he go?  To Oz of course! (Going with the Wizard of Oz theme here…)  It’s not as if we had puck possession and its time for the break out.  Keep this in mind for later, Vanek plays left wing.  Antropov, the eventual goal scorer stands in front of the net, by himself, playing a game of Monopoly with Miller.  Gragnani is no mans land when the pass goes from Wellwood to Antropov.  Gragnani needs to get himself between the goal and the opponent.  This is a simple defense tactic here.  Instead, he tries to bat down the puck with his stick. Yeah, that’ll work.  The player I feel for most here is Hecht.  He sees this all happen, and has an “Oh @(#&!” moment when Antropov walks out in front of Miller, untouched.  Yeah, Gragnani thats two goals our of the four where you could’ve at least made the Jets make plays to get goals.  There’s no other way to explain it than lazy defense. Batting at the puck with your stick trying to steal passes instead of covering a man who is 6 foot 6 and who is a ghost to Gragnani.

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