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Black & Blue & Gold Wants YOU!


Right now, Black & Blue & Gold is two chill bros – myself and Alex – with two chill contributors – Jason and Tom. I handle the live blogs from blogger row in the press box, news bits, and the odd interview. Alex is a stats maven and also our resident Ryan Lambert (self-admitted, even). We could use some help.

Amerks Coverage
Are you a big Amerks fan, Rochester-based or not, and want to write about them? BBG could use someone to cover the Amerks from either your couch (in your mom’s basement!) or even the pressbox (maybe). Talk about last night’s game, opine on how the team is doing, etc etc.

Tumblr is a fun platform, but it’s not for me. Are you a Tumblr user who wants to post funny pictures, video blurbs, or reblog goofy memes about the Sabres? BBG is looking for someone to take over our (soon-to-be) reborn Tumblr account.

Expanded Sabres Coverage
Both Alex and myself work full-time, so our time and energy comes at a premium and unfortunately our blogging is often the victim. BBG is looking for someone to help post about the team’s news releases and post opinion columns.

Black & Blue & Gold is a blog fueled by passionate fans and there’s always room on the bandwagon for more. There are plans to do more with BBG, including audio, video, and outings and we’d love to have some more of you on board and involved. Want to contribute? Drop us an old-fashioned email at

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