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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 10


You all know how this works by now so let’s get down to business.

One minor item – as we’ve progressed pretty deep into the season, teams’ records are a pretty good account of how good they are, thus points now count for double.

Eastern Conference:

(“There” meaning where they are now.)

Will Be There In The End: Carolina – I’ve been on the canes all year for lacking talent and it shows.  Can you imagine if one of their big names went down?  Yuck.  Food for thought though, is there a player that might be more in need of a change of scenery than Eric Staal?  If you’re the Sabres and you’re looking for a team that not only has a top line center, but also might be willing to part with him for some of your pieces (say Drew Stafford, Derek Roy, and/or Tyler Ennis), that team is Carolina and that player is Eric Staal, right?

Might Be There In The End: Monteal – I thought they’d be a pseudo-contender, but that their lack of depth along the blue line, not to mention underachieving forwards and Carey Price’s return to the mean would eventually damn them.  Instead they kind of suck.  Hmm.

Won’t Be There In The End: Washington – Florida can barely put up points in arguably the worst division in the NHL.  Something tells me they won’t be leading it come season’s end.

Western Conference:

Will Be There In The End: Minnesota – I can’t name more than five players on their team, but I’m taking a shot in the dark that they’re actually pretty good.  Plus they took a playoff spot away from Dallas last year with nothing on the line.  Karma points for that.

Might Be There In The End: Edmonton – I feel like they’re just kind of hanging around waiting for someone to get a little unhealthy so they can slide into an eight seed.

Won’t Be There In The End: Los Angeles – Different year, same story.  Too much talent, right?  Right?!

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