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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 9


Actually, it might be week ten.  We return for what will hopefully be a regular Friday-Saturday item from here on out.

Breaking News:

  • The Bruins are good.  Who knew?
  • Contrary to what some have been telling us in an obnoxious, positively dead-horse-beating manner eight-hundred times a night about the Sabres being a 7th-8th place team, they’re actually a 6th place team.  So there.
  • The Maple Leafs’ penalty kill is a legendary kind of bad.  It’s no wonder the Sabres knifed through it last night.
  • Los Angeles is unbelievably good at squandering A+ talent.  Seriously, what is happening there?
  • Dallas is heading a division that while strong last year, is weak this year.
  • St. Louis special teams…y u suck?
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