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Vulgar Statistics: Jhonas Enroth, Starter

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, or good whatever time it is that you may be reading this.  I have to pass on my scheduled idea as it’s taking a bit more in the way of putting together than I anticipated (and I have not started it yet).  So tonight I bring you a bit of a Vulgar Statistics Light.

I want to take a look at Jhonas Enroth, specifically his performance when he’s been the starting goaltender for the Buffalo Sabres.  With Ryan Miller’s unlucky recent history that’s been three times, the current run he is on, and stints in both November and April of last season.  I opted to combine the latter two so we’d only have two things to compare.

There is some cause for encouragement and some cause for discouragement.  The discouraging news is that Enroth has shown little improvement from this season to last…and his stats aren’t exactly stellar.  Last year he posted an .896 save percentage (again this is only in games where he was the team’s unquestioned starting goaltender, not games in which he was giving Miller rest), and a 2.97 goals against average.  This year he’s gone for .898 and 3.12 respectively.

But that doesn’t quite tell the whole story (in addition to being a pathetically small sample size).  If you take away games in which Enroth went in cold (this year’s Boston game and last year’s Columbus game) Enroth moves up to a .902 and 2.78 last year and a .906 and a 2.82 this year, which is pretty average for a second string goaltender.

Now if you want to continue in that vein and abandon some of your logic and remove the games in which Enroth was hung out to dry by the team (and subsequently pulled), then things look fantastic.  I removed this year’s New Jersey and Columbus games, and last year’s Philadelphia game to give Enroth a sparkling .942 save percentage and 1.75 goals against average this year and a .917 save percentage and 2.34 goals against average last year.  Outstanding.

Final Thoughts:

Obviously the truth lies somewhere in between the numbers I’ve been throwing out like candy at Halloween.  Goaltending is an interesting position in that so much of the actual performance of a goaltender is dependent on the team in front of them, which is why I didn’t completely hate myself for plucking out games where I didn’t think it was Enroth’s fault that the puck often found the back of the net.  I think Enroth certainly brings something different than Ryan Miller, and with it different positives and negatives.  And truthfully those things don’t really matter anyways.  The team in front of them still has to play.  To me Enroth looks like a quick goaltender who has adapted very well to his lack of size and (despite his small stature) is above average high and at handling the puck.  He does let in a soft goal on occasion, but no more than any other NHL goaltender does.  That’s good enough for me.

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  1. Debunking stupid ideas permalink
    02/06/12 5:42 PM

    If you take all the bad games from miller his stats look amazing too!
    Enroth is a good back up. thats it. A back up.
    In the last three AHL Seasons enroth has not had a SV% Above .890 and a GAA below 2.71. He is a good BACK UP. He is not, will not, cannot go in over Miller (Who, for some reason, is being thrown under the bus for ONE bad season after being concussed) who has carried this team sinse 2006. With 30 wins each year. Dont forget he carried USA into the Gold Medal game.
    Every player in the NHL has a bad season.
    If you were the Devils last year, Do you trade Brodeur? Or how about the bruins with Tim Thomas two years ago?
    Dont get me wrong if miller is struggling for the next few years it will be about time. But one bad season doesnt destroy a carear. If we traded him, tried starting enroth who is hearing more rings then a neighbor to a church, and those rings turn into that red light sun burn on the back of his net. We would be in the can while Miller gets a vezna next year.

  2. 02/06/12 6:25 PM

    The intent, which I thought was fairly clear, was to take a look at Enroth’s performances when acting as the unquestioned starting goaltender, a different animal than being a backup. At no point did I advocate playing Enroth over Miller, and have in fact supported Miller every time the question has arisen. I merely said that Enroth has proven to be a viable option as a starter, with a different skill set than Miller that can present itself with varying results, some good, some bad. Thus I am not sure which stupid ideas you are debunking.

    Also aol e-mail…seriously?

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