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#OccupyNassau, A DGWU/BBG Joint


Sabres fans know how to occupy opposing arenas. From Sunshine to Tampa to Atlanta to Columbu to Phoenix, the Blue and Gold faithful travel strong in support of their team. Now it’s time to invade Long Island and #OccupyNassau.

A collaborative effort between Dear God, Why Us? Sports and Black & Blue & Gold, #OccupyNassau is a road trip to Nassau Coliseum on Feb. 4th to see the Sabres play the Islanders. The idea is to get a crapload of fans together to take a party bus to Nassau from Queens (Dubs from DGWU’s base of operations). It’ll cost around $75 for the game ticket, party bus, and tip, but could fluctuate depending on the number of participants and if the stocked bus bar is negotiated down to a BYOB dealie.

The tentative itinerary is as follows:
Morning: Liverpool FC vs Tottenham Hotspur at some soccer pub at 9AM (Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know.)
Mid-Day: Touch football at Central Park (Preferrably in the snow.)
Afternoon: Pre-game food and drink in Queens
Game Time: Party bus leaves for Uniondale around 5/5:30PM

If you’re interested, you’ll need to get in touch with Dubs. I’ll leave it to him from here:

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU IF YOU WANT IN ON THIS: leave a comment expressing your interest below, and make sure to include your e-mail address in the required field. While not public, the e-mail address will be visible to the Deeg and will allow us to compile a master email list for further communications about payment, etc. (And, as an aside, I’ll be pooling monies through PayPal payments, so if you do want in on this, make sure you have a working account linked to your bank so that this can all happen easily). Please do this even if you have previously let me or Phil know that you want in. I want to open this up to as many people as possible, so SPREAD THE WORD. Even if we can’t accommodate everyone for the transportation out to the Island (or even if you want no part of this drunken mess of a bus trip and just want to meet us there), I would like to try to help coordinate ticket purchases so that we can have as big and as consolidated a group as possible.

I’ll keep in touch with Dubs throughout this process and share with him the email addresses from any BBG commenters interested, so make sure it’s a valid email. Also, to repeat Dubs, make sure you have a working PayPal account so trip funds can be collected. We plan on getting this taken care of quickly – maybe no longer than a month from now until completion? – so be quick and just shred, kiddies.

(Follow Dubs on Twitter – @theycallmedubs)

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