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Blogger Summit 2.0 Wants Your Input!


On Tuesday, the Sabres will be holding their second blogger summit at First Niagara Center. The theme of this summit is a sort of live suggestion box thing, with a focus on what the Sabres have already done since first implementing the suggestion box on the website.

While bloggers may be on the invite list, the Sabres want our readers to participate, too! They’re curious about your thoughts on changes they’ve already made and what they should look at doing in the future, and want us bloggers to bring these comments to their attention on Tuesday.

Take to the comments and let me know some things you’d like me to bring up to Ted Black about the Sabres and Amerks (but not too many Amerks inquiries – Keith from Let’s Go Amerks will be in attendance and likely have Roc covered).

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  1. 11/11/11 8:46 PM

    How about a goal song and perhaps having one commissioned like the Bills Shout! song? Something unique to the Sabres.

    How about a Buffalo horn hat night … imagine hundreds or thousands of people in the stands with those majestic things on :-p

  2. 11/12/11 5:49 PM

    Two things….how bout one pregame video sort of similar to the Caps ‘unleash the fury’ get Kurt Russell to come in and do some of the miracle speech in the Sabres room (pipe dream, I know)

    The other thing would be create a Hockey Heaven bar like Hockeytown in Detroit to accompany a Sabres HOF in the former Ira Ross space

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