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Vulgar Opinions: Tyler Myers And Thomas Vanek


There was a moment last night during the Thrashers Jets game, I think right after an Atlantapeg goal where Myers skated right by the glass in front of us grimacing and mumbling to himself in a crazy old cat lady kind of way.  It’s a rough thing to see for a player that you want to be among the best on your team.  But then I got a feeling of deja vu.  I have seen this before.

And I’ve seen it in Thomas Vanek.  Who would have thought that after all the criticisms for the ‘Vanek face,’ and the f-bombs that we would see the player that Vanek is today?  That is why I’m not too down on Tyler Myers, and not just because he will inevitably mature as he ages (remember he’s still basically just a kid), but also because he has a good corps of leaders around him to help in that maturity.

So I think Myers is going to be okay.  His sheer physical attributes make him a passable defenseman whether his head’s in the game or not, and I think his poor play has been a bigger sign of diminished confidence than it has been of a lack of mental ability.  A lot of times he looks shy out on the ice.  Doesn’t want to hit, hesitates a split second on making decisions, etc.  Unfortunately those things make a world of difference in professional sports.  Still he’s got Regher around, and Leopold, and guys like Vanek and Pominville and Miller who have all had their fair share of struggles and battled through.  And the best part is, I think Lindy is handling it exactly as he should.  Keep the kid on the ice.


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