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Vulgar Opinions Counterpoint: Miller vs. Enroth


Earlier today, Alex posted his most recent Vulgar Opinions installment about Ryan Miller and Jhonas Enroth. The first paragraph consisted of Alex’s personal opinion on Ryan Miller and the second consisted of his right to the starting position. The third paragraph started with the sentence “I do think, even this early in the season, we are at a point where we can say, “Jhonas Enroth should have been played more.” We’ve played nine games, two with Enroth in net which projects to 63 for Miller, 18 for Enroth, and a mystery game.

Hre’s the thing – it’s not nearly time for Sabres fans to start saying that Enroth should have been played more. The Buffalo Sabres have played nine games, and Jhonas Enroth featured in two of them. That’s a start every 4.5 games, which loosely holds to Lindy Ruff’s plan to play Enroth every four games. He’ll not get a start exactly every four games, but the important thing to look at is whether or not Miller ends up with any starting streaks of six games or more. That’s when we as fans ought to start talking about the goalie rotation again. Heaven forbid Miller gets another streak of 20 starts again.

Now, this business of Mike Weber stewing in the workout room during games he’s scratched from while Gragnani continues to blunder his way through 15:58 A/TOI a game…that’s a topic worth discussing now.

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