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There’s A Problem Here?


Some people I guess just can’t ever just be happy.

You would think that the Buffalo Sabres having not one, but TWO goaltenders that their head coach feels confident in playing each night would be an awesome development.  Especially in a town where the backup goalie position has pretty much been treated like a throwaway for far too long.

So, why is it unfortunately somewhat unsurprising that it can’t just be good enough that Jhonas Enroth provides dependable relief of Ryan Miller.  No, no…Enroth should be immediately become the #1 guy now.  (I don’t know anyone personally that expresses this point of view – yet – but I understand from the Twitter that this is a topic).

Is this just the “Backup QB is the most popular player on the team” translated to the rink?  Are folks out there rubbed wrongly by Miller in some way, like his body language when a puck gets by him?  Is it the contract Miller has?  Maybe they think his wife is a lousy actress?

Not there are not legitimate hockey and business angles to have a Miller vs. Enroth discussion on, but a lot of this reeks of it still being October and what the hell are we supposed to talk about right now?  It’s still too early — WAY TOO EARLY — to have buyer’s remorse conversations about Ville Leino.  A talk about Myers’ start to the season might be in order, though that could be explained away by still being pretty young and now getting a 3rd defense partner in 3 years.  And frankly, neither of those are as sexy a topic to chew on as an old-fashion “Ryan or Jhonas:  WHO YA GOT” schmozzle.

Miller is Lindy’s guy.  He’s Darcy’s guy.  And he’s Terry’s guy.  And he has earned it.  In the future, maybe the time will come to have this argument. How about for right now we just sit back and relax knowing that the Sabres are not automatically forfeiting 2 points every time #30 is not in between the pipes.

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