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Vulgar Statistics: Power Rankings Week 2


Hello and welcome to my weekly Power Rankings column. This was originally going to be a Friday installment, but with me going back to work, I can’t afford to stay up on Thursdays and wait for all the games to finish. Saturday it is!

This will be fairly straight forward and there is no personal bias here. I rank the teams in each conference in five categories Points, Goals For per Game, Goals Against per Game, Power Play Percentage, and Penalty Kill Percentage and sum them. The team with the lowest summed ranking (closest to first) is the best team in either conference. As the season wears on points will be weighted more and more as they will grow to become the most true representation of each team’s talent level.

Eastern Conference:

Ranked Too High: Buffalo – I’m buying in a little more, especially with the win against Pittsburgh, but I need to see a few more quality wins before I start throwing around “one of the best in the conference.”

Ranked Too Low: New York Rangers – Granted they’ve only played five games, but I think they’re better than they’ve shown.

Ranked Shockingly Right: Tampa Bay? – I mean I don’t think they’re that bad, but we all knew their defense left a lot to be desired and that Dwayne Roloson is old…

Western Conference:

Ranked Too High: Colorado – Uh…maybe happening?

Ranked Too Low: St. Louis – Their special teams units are terrible and they’re still almost playing .500 hockey.  When the power play and penalty kill pick up they should be pretty good.

Ranked Shockingly Right: Columbus – That franchise is a dumpster fire.

Final Thoughts: Things are starting to flesh out a little bit as the special teams numbers normalize.  One of the things I might was to consider tracking is shots taken versus shots allowed because Carolina is allowing Ward to get shelled every night (a league worst 34.7 shots allowed per game).  That has to give eventually.  Of course San Jose is outshooting their opponents 41-23…and they’re kind of terrible.

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