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If I Controlled The DJ Booth At First Niagara Center


In the past, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I would love (LOVE) to take a stab at DJing a Sabres game. I’ve ranted about it on Twitter. I’ve told Ted Black I want the job (no dice, unfortunately). I’ve rapped with Kevin Snow and Jeff Marek about doing Rush Night. In lieu of actually commandeering the booming public address system at First Niagara Thunderdome Center, here is my ultimate Sabres game playlist. After the jump, there be metal.

Taking The Ice: Hit The Lights by Metallica

Generic Goal Song: Go With The Flow by Queens Of The Stone Age

Goal By Vanek: Also Spracht Zarathustra by Richard Strauss


Goal By Roy: Party Hard by Andrew W.K.

(Dudebros love to party. Derek Roy is an awesome dudebro)

Goal By Pominville: Wake Up by The Arcade Fire

(It just fits Pommer. He’s so wholesome and positive)

Goal By Ennis: Ruby Soho by Rancid

(He’s the Sabres’ resident punk rocker)

Goal By Leino: Ahti by Ensiferum

(Finnish metal for the Finnish terror. Bonus: The chorus is totally chantable)

Goal By Stafford: Conquer All by Behemoth


Goal By Gerbe, Gaustad, Or Kaleta: Working Man by Rush

(Chances are, these three will be the hardest working guys on the ice. No-brainer, really)

Goal By Boyes: Bad Boys by Inner Circle

(Heck, we’ve all been singing about Boyes since the trade rumor broke)

Goal By McCormick/Fight: Iron First by Motorhead

Goal By Ellis, Hecht, Or A Call-Up: Blue-Collar Man by Styx

(These are guys that are either veterans struggling to hold onto a spot or youngins looking for one. The song SO fits)

Goal By Myers: Princes Of The Universe by Queen

(Start with the second verse. Boom)

Goal By Leopold: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

(As if it could be anything else)

Goal By Ehrhoff: Ride Of The Valkyries by Richard Wagner

(I just had to)

Goal By Zack Kassian: C.R.E.A.M. by Wu Tang Clan

(Full credit to @LindyRuffsTie for this one. It’s brilliant, ain’t it?)

Goal That Results In Four-Goal (Blowout) Lead: Roll On by The Living End

(Because FNC is about the last place on Earth that Limp Bizkit hasn’t been cleansed from yet)

Big Save By Ryan Miller/Miller Enters The Game: Electric Worry by Clutch

(Picked not for the song name, even though it’s an awesome song, but for the name of the band)

Big Save By Enroth/Enroth Enters The Game: My Name Is Jonas by Weezer

(My Name Is Jonas is already the young goaltender’s unofficial anthem, proudly sung and played by Sabres fans)

Big Hit: Shockwave by Black Tide

(Name says it all)

Power Play: Welcome Home by Coheed & Cambria

(It was perfect. Bring it back)

Penalty Kill: Fight Fire With Fire by Metallica

(The best penalty kill is the one that scores you goals. Gotta fight fire (offense) with fire)

Goal Against: Get Over It by OK Go

(If ever a song was written about goals against, this is it)

Opponent Dives: Holy Diver by Dio


Start Of Overtime: The Four Horsemen by Metallica

Start Of Shootout: YYZ by Rush

Victory: How You Like Me Now? by The Heavy

(This is currently the Sabres’ victory song, actually. How can you improve upon it? You can’t)

This actually took HOURS to assemble. What I thought would be an easy task ended up more challenging as it went on. But there you have it. I didn’t bother going through all the random songs I would play during a break in the action…maybe that’s for another post for another day.

UPDATE: I thought of some more songs!
Hat Trick By Vanek: T.V. Party by Black Flag

(Props to @MikeCanfield36 and his crew for putting the sign up in the 300 level)

Line Brawl: Devil’s Dance Floor by Flogging Molly

Opposing Goalie Pulled For Suckitude: Keyboard Cat!

(Complete with showing the video on the HD video board and P.A. announcer saying “Play him off, Keyboard Cat!”)

The Kiss Cam: I Was Made For Loving You by KISS

(As much as I tend to dislike the game presentation, I can’t get enough of the Kiss Cam. But it needs an awesome song. Enter the above tune)

The Blooper Reel: In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

(Gotta play this one right. Start out with the weak fails at first, then once the crescendo hits with full force, roll out the nut shots and hardcore faceplants. Which reminds me, the video needs overhauling too…)

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  1. Ryan B permalink
    09/28/11 11:37 AM

    Great list & I’m finding myself in agreement with your list as well.

    Leave comandeering the PA system to me. You + I at Sabres games=awesome.

  2. 10/01/11 2:12 AM

    I love that you have The Living End on here. I feel like no one in the USA knows about them.


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