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Black & Blue & Gold Needs You! (Read: A Couple Writers)


Black & Blue & Gold has a stable of writers that runs the gamut. I take care of game recaps. Alex has his weekly Vulgar Statistics (now including power rankings!) and at-will Vulgar Opinions columns. Jason is our columnist-at-large. Tom chimes in with actual factual posts about the intricacies of the CBA. But we could use some help. Hit the jump to see what BBG is looking for!

Daily News Writer
BBG needs help with daytime news stories and game previews. News stories are self-explanatory (roster updates, injury updates, hirings and firings, various miscellany). Game previews would feature the night’s line-up, opposition’s line-up, notable quotes, and various head-to-head stats.

Amerks Writer
With the Sabres and Rochester together again, BBG needs a Rochester-based writer to cover Amerks games and break Amerks news for the blog, much like the Daily News Writer does for the Sabres. We’re in the process of trying to secure media access with the Amerks, so you may have that going for you as well!

If you’re interested in joining BBG’s team (why wouldn’t you be?), send an email with a writing sample either linked or attached to Or, if you’re located in Buffalo, tell me where we should grab a beer to talk.

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