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Getting Used To The New Normal


Sure, I saw this coming 12 months ago.  Who didn’t?

I got an engaged-with-his-team owner, drinking beers with season ticket holders in their garage.  That’s when he’s not spending millions and millions of bucks on both players and world-class facilities for them.  And not caring what the price tag is.  For the out-of-town media, they suddenly have a new “drunken sailor” to moan about losing his fiscal sanity.

I have a team president who embraces interacting with fans, whether it’s passing out programs at the turnstiles, or hosting online chats, or leading heart health walks in his new adopted city.

Alumni are jumping back aboard at rate faster than even how most of them jumped off the last decade or so.

Then toss in players making YouTube skits topping just about anything to come out of SNL…

…and winning prospect tournaments.

Forgive me if I’m still somewhat adjusting mentally to the idea of rooting for a team that both engages its fans with enthusiasm and respect, while also pursuing winning regardless of the cost.  I’m a glass is half-empty kind of guy to start with in any case.  I figured we were missing out on something knowing that the Sabres could not (or refused to) operate on the same level with the Red Wings and Flyers of the NHL, but I never thought it was awesome as this has become.

Fact is, in Buffalo we have gotten use to relatively rich people telling us how we can’t have nice things – you know like pretty new bridges, or a new zoo, or even heaven forbid any of those evil, evil food trucks.  So when a rich man – a very very rich man is telling us that not only we can have those nice things, it’s on him as the owner of a hockey team to do whatever he is able to provide a winner – that’s a game-changer.

I don’t want to turn this into a cult of personality around Pegula.  No doubt, the team is gonna stumble hard somewhere along the line (right??), and we’ve really yet to see how Team Terry handles that kind of adversity.  But who out there in Sabreland (BTW – are we going to be doing “Sabres Mafia” now, too??  I’ll hang up and listen.) thinks that they won’t be aces at the point, too?

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