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Ding, Dong! The Slug Is Dead! (A BBG/Sabres, Not Slugs! Crossover)


The NHL’s long national nightmare is finally over – the Slugs are coming down off of the jumbotron (and presumably so are the Slug signs atop the ancillary Sabres Stores). Replacing them will be the current crest and First Niagara signage. Before you ask, yes, the new signs with still snort smoke for goals. No word on the light-up red eyes coming back.

Am I the only one who felt like Paul Reubens died a quicker death in Buffy The Vampire Slayer than the Slug did?

Regardless, the Slug is gone. As fans dance on its grave, I sit back and remember how I got my start blogging about the Sabres. I was invited to contribute to Sabres, Not Slugs! a few years ago to fight the good fight. Now, the blog is sitting in limbo as the good fight has been won. I raise a glass to those guys (Drew Celestino, carpandean, COA, Charlie) who picked me out, shook me up, and turned me around.

Also, don’t forget that on September 19th, you can wear a piece of Slug gear and get a 41% discount on a similar item (jerseys included!). Then, get a cheap preseason ticket so you can heckle the Hurricanes during the game that same night!

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