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From The Pit To The Rink: Cam Pipes


If you’re into the new power metal scene or dig bands that sound like they came from the NWOBHM era, chances are you’ve heard 3 Inches Of Blood. Formed in British Columbia in 2000, 3 Inches Of Blood found success with their 2004 masterpiece Advance And Vanquish and its single Deadly Sinners.

That rather hirsute fellow in the music video that sounded like the bastard offspring of Rob Halford and a banshee is vocalist Cam Pipes, a native Calgarian and former Flames fan. For the better part of two decades he’s been a Canucks supporter and shows no signs of turning back. He even previewed the 2010-2011 season from a Canucks perspective for!

Hit the jump for my interview with Cam as we talk about his band’s summer plans, how he got started with hockey, and more!

(Black & Blue & Gold comments are bolded, Cam Pipes comments are italicized)

Black & Blue & Gold: Why don’t you talk a bit about 3 Inches of Blood’s newest EP, Anthem For The Victorious, and what the band has planned for this summer and fall.

Cam Pipes: Heading into 2011 we had tours lined up that would take us into the late spring, so we came to the realization that serious writing time wouldn’t come til after tours were done and that a new album wasn’t gonna be ready until 2012. With the break around the end of December 2010 and into early January 2011 we had a significant gap where we could get a couple of new songs written, rehearsed and recorded. We got the idea to make an EP, so that fans had something new from us to get their hands on this year.

With the exception of a few shows in our home province, we’re taking the summer off so we can focus on writing.

BBG: From the patches on your vest to the pictures of you in Canucks jerseys around the internet, it’s obvious you’re a big hockey fan. How and when did you get into the game?

CP: I’ve been a hockey enthusiast since I started playing the game when I was 5 years old. I played on organized teams til I was about 17 and I’ve always followed the NHL, World Championships, Olympic Hockey and World Junior Championships. Growing up in Calgary, I was a Flames fan for many years and was there in ’89 when Calgary won the Stanley Cup. I moved to BC that same year, but continued to follow the Flames. However, I became disillusioned in the years following when they couldn’t get past the first round year after year. In ’94, when the Vancouver Canucks went to the finals, I followed with curiosity and even though they lost to the New York Rangers, I was drawn to the passion the fans had for them and I’ve been a fan ever since.

BBG: How many games do you and the guys get to see on average in a season and what are some of memorable games you had the pleasure of being in attendance at? Also, how do you keep informed while on the road?

CP: Tickets to Canucks games are expensive and they’re always sold out, so your best bet is to get em from a season ticket holder who is selling on Craigslist. I try to go to at least a game or two per season, but I’m getting the cheap seats. One time, my wife managed to get private box seats towards the end of the season and we saw one of Trevor Linden’s last games. In that game he scored his final two goals before retirement.

On the road its not difficult keeping up with hockey scores. I’ve got a few phone apps to keep track or I’ll stream the Canucks games on my laptop when I’ve got internet available at a venue.

BBG: What do you think about the Canucks’ roster going into next season and what are your expectations for the team after their loss to the Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup final?

CP: Not sure what’s gonna happen next season for Vancouver. The season’s barely over. I wish they made more significant moves once the free agent signings started, but Mike Gillis has been pretty smart about his signings since he took over as GM. I predict a 4th straight Northwest division title though.

BBG: Pantera once upon a time famously wrote a song for the Dallas Stars (and partied with Jere Lehtinen, resulting in the Stanley Cup getting thrown off of a roof into a swimming pool). Would Three Inches Of Blood ever consider writing a song about the Canucks?

CP: If we were asked then we’d do it for sure. Currently it seems like the Canucks like to play really terrible music before they make their entrance onto the ice. For a few years it’s been a U2 song or Wolfmother or some s##t like that.

BBG: In Buffalo, Every Time I Die are pretty chummy with Sabres winger Drew Stafford. Do you have any fans that you know about that play in the NHL or have come to shows?

CP: I don’t think anybody in the band has even met a Canucks player. Not sure who on the team, if any, are metal fans.

BBG: That’s really a total bummer. Someone needs to get the Sedins into some Swedish melodic death metal!

BBG: So I asked Twitter if anyone had anything they wanted to ask you and I got a couple of responses! First up is @rickywrath, who asked “we got songs about robots from outerspace conquering. But not about hockey enforcers?”

CP: To @rickywrath, I have written lyrics for a potential song about hockey. The music has to be written though.

BBG: That needs to happen. Second, @mattthemascot asked “Hey Cam do you ever play deadly sinners at 110+ decibels and punch Toronto Maple Leaf fans?”

CP: To @mattthemascot, I don’t even play my own band’s music after its been recorded. Once the mixing and mastering are done I don’t want to listen to any of it. I play the songs regularly onstage so that’s good enough for me. As for Leafs fans, most probably deserve a punch in the head, but any Leafs fan must already be somewhat mentally disabled. Ha!

BBG: Lastly Cam, because I’m a total jersey nerd, which logo is worse: the gigantic V from the 70s and early 80s or the skate from the late 80s and 90s?

CP: Neither. I love ’em both.

That last answer was kind of unexpected, actually. Well there you go, hockey and metal fans! Make sure you check out Three Inches Of Blood’s new 7″ EP “Anthems For The Victorious” and keep an eye on @3iob for updates on the writing and recording process as the band takes the summer off to put down some new tunes!

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  1. Billy permalink
    07/24/11 3:44 PM

    Great interview! He needs to get to work on those hockey songs though.

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