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Swedish Interview With Enroth Offers Insight On Impasse

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What began with popular Sabres parody Twitter account @LindyRuffsTie retweeting Jhonas Enroth’s younger brother Mattias ended with an article by Hockey Sverige scribe Uffe Bodin that featured some quotes from the young Sabres netminder on his ongoing negotiations with the team and a look at the cap situation complicating things.

In the not quite subtly-titled story “Vi vill ha lite mer pengar” (“We Want A Little More Money”), Enroth revealed that he has his mind set on an envägs kontrakt (one-way contract) but turned down the Sabres’ initial offer of $525K almost immediately. “We are looking for a little more than that. There are goalies in this league who have played fewer matches than I did, but still make more money. Approximately $700,000, I hope,” Jhonas told Hockey Sverige. “I feel I got great experience at the end of the season and that I am worth a envägs kontrakt.” It sounds like the Swede is confident that everything will pan out for both parties in the end, saying, “…It still feels pretty good, like we are on the same page. I know myself that the club is located near the salary cap, but they will certainly find a solution to it.”

It’s not secret that the Sabres are in a tight spot when it comes to fitting the rest of their restricted free agents into the mix. The popular and simplest solution among fans and writers alike is to send Ales Kotalik and Shaone Morrisonn to the AHL’s Amerks. Such a move would save the team $5.075M and open up room to re-sign both Enroth and Marc-Andre Gragnani and also to accept a salary arbitration award for Andrej Sekera that will likely be north of $2.5M. It wouldn’t leave much room under the cap ceiling, but it would make it possible to ice a full roster come the start of the season.

Just as Sabres fans are excited about having a young, talented goaltender that can relieve Ryan Miller without inducing cardiac arrest, Jhonas Enroth is excited about returning to play for the Sabres and owner Terry Pegula. “It’s the new owner Terry Pegula has actually gone in to make the team better. He is included on all tours away and really passionate for this as opposed to the previous owner that you almost never saw,” remarked the goalie about the change in ownership. “ Most likely, he is the best owner in the NHL and it would be really interesting to play with this team if I can remain in the club.”

Translation services provided by Google Translate. Lindy Ruff’s Tie can be found on Twitter at @LindyRuff’sTie. Uffe Bodin can be found at @UffeBodin.


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