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From The Rink To The Pit: A BBG Exclusive Teaser


If you didn’t know, I’m a big metalhead. And to me, no sport is more metal than hockey. A few hockey players, mostly Finns, seem to agree. From Dan Boyle’s old radio show in Tampa Bay (Boyle’s Blue Line) to Jere Lehtinen partying with Pantera in 1999 to Toni Lydman playing shows with his band, metal and hockey just plain go together.

Because of this natural union, I’m happy to announce that Black & Blue & Gold will have exclusive interviews with a pair of noted hockey-loving metal musicians in the near future. Who, you ask? Hit the jump to find out!

On the left is Mastodon drummer and former Thrashers season ticket holder Brann Dailor! On the right is 3 Inches Of Blood vocalist and Canucks fan Cam Pipes (peep the patch on his vest)! Both men have toured the world with their bands, but still make time to go wild for their favorite sport.

Stay tuned via either Twitter (@PhilBBG) or Facebook (Black & Blue & Gold on FB) for updates on when the interviews will be published!

If you’re unfamiliar with either musician, check out Mastodon’s Blood & Thunder and 3 Inches Of Blood’s The Goatriders Horde.

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  1. MrWilson permalink
    07/09/11 3:03 PM

    Saw a TV peice once where Lehtinen met Slayer. They exchanged jerseys, and he watched their set from the side of the stage. Boy was I jealous. I look forward to the interviews. \m/

  2. Billy permalink
    07/13/11 9:53 PM


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