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Weber Has Swagger, Team Has To Harness It The Right Way


During his segment on The Howard Simon Show Thursday morning, Mike Weber made a brash statement that might have put people off when he said it. But having confidence isn’t a bad thing and the Sabres could use to harness it in their first full season with this bold new direction the organization is moving in.

You’d think the most surprising thing Weber mentioned on THSS was that he’d be getting married on Friday, but no. After talking about his contract extension, he said something that probably caught listeners just a bit off-guard.

…on paper, we probably have the best team in the East. Now we just have to go into the regular season and prove that we are, then follow up that with a great playoff run.

Right off the bat, you want a young hockey player to kind of step away from such a proclamation. But why? For too long this team seemed to toe the company line of merely breaking even. Now, Terry Pegula’s burning desire to win has seeped down through the organization right down to the product on the ice. The team has a newfound swagger and it can be very good for everyone if used properly.

Over-confidence can burn anyone, as it seemed to do to Maxim Afinogenov at the worst times, but if they’re smart they can utilize it the right way. As a fan, you want to see a team have the swagger to make daring passes and constantly march forward no matter what. It’s the kind of attitude that winning teams have, and the Sabres very public mission is now to win and win often (as Ted Black has said more than once).

Come October we’ll see if the Sabres have taken that attitude to heart and are prepared to become world-beaters.

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