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Down On The Farm: Is Today The Day? It Is!


Last night, some late-breaking news completely unrelated to the Robyn Regehr trade or draft broke that could completely take over Sabres-related headlines today. I’ll give the mic to Chris Roy at this point…

It’s widely assumed that the Dineen-coached Panthers will take over for the Sabres in Portland, but Chris warns there might be a surprise contender:

John Vogl from the Buffalo News is also reporting that it could very well happen today before the draft. Probable Amerks announcement, possible Regehr trade, and the draft all in one day? Oh snap.

UPDATE: Kevin Oklobzija has some encouraging words for you, Sabres and Amerks fans:

Various media outlets have said the Buffalo Sabres may announce today the purchase of the Rochester Americans.

The Maine Hockey Journal and the Buffalo News both reported that the announcement — one everyone has known is coming — actually may finally be made today.

I’m here to tell you the announcement WILL come today.

The American Hockey League’s board of governors at 1 p.m. will conduct a special vote-by-phone board meeting to approve the transer of the Amerk franchise to Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

Sabres will announce purchase of Amerks today

Following up on Kevin’s story, Maine sportswriter Dan Hickling had this to say:

For those curious, “BPetrovek” would be Portland Pirates managing partner Brian Petrovek.

There it is, Western New York hockey fans. The only question left is who will fill the Sabres’ role in Portland. We’ll find out later today.

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