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When Did Brad Boyes Move Into The Doghouse?


As we move closer to the start of the buyout period, and free agency, fans are chiming in about moves they think the Sabres should be making. Of course, some ideas are based on sound reasoning and analysis, and others would make even the accommodating digital GMs in EA’s NHL series of games scratch their heads. Names gets tossed around for buyouts left and right, even though the vast majority of people making such suggestions don’t understand the cap ramifications of said moves. This year, one name has jumped out at me as being brought up in almost every discussion. Brad Boyes.

And I don’t get it.

Boyes has played in a total of 28 games in a Sabres uniform since his acquisition. His regular season numbers aren’t terrible : 21 games, 5-9-14, +2. His playoff performance wasn’t great, only 1 goal in the Philly series, and -2, but when you consider he was playing out of position at center for much of the series due to injury, that’s understandable.

When Boyes was traded on deadline day, the Sabres were lauded for picking up a player with a good upside that probably needed a change of scenery. Now, a scant two and one half months later, he’s morphed into a garbage player that the team should just punt out of the organization?

Sorry folks, but he hasn’t.

Boyes may be overpaid at $4M per. He might not have a great 2011-12 season. These things remain to be seen. My personal feeling is that given a full offseason and training camp in the organization, Boyes will fit in better with the team, and production will follow. However, it’s absurd to even consider that the team would buy him out based on a 28 game kick at the can.

The Sabres are in a better place now that Mr. Pegula is in charge, and buyouts are certainly on the table now, but the Sabres are not going to start buying out players left and right, and creating all sorts of dead money on the cap that hinders further player moves down the road.

Brad Boyes has value to the team, and certainly isn’t going to be bought out. Hopefully folks can get past this nutty idea soon.

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    thx, i will check back soon, have bookmarked you for now.

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