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Down On The Farm: Sabres Mere Days From Returning To Rochester?


Sabres and Amerks fans, the wait may almost be over. Chris Roy has some good news, courtesy of his posts over at HF Boards (under the moniker “wildcat48”).

In response to a post by a user suggesting the deal might be done in 7-10 days, he said:

That’s what I’ve been hearing… All parties have agreed to terms and have been made whole and the only thing that needs to happen is the contracts signed and BoG approval. I would say late this week or early next week.

Later, in response to a suggestion that it would be Dineen’s Florida Panthers taking the Sabres’ place with the Pirates, he said:

Maybe… I think they are the odd on favorite, but Portland is speaking to two other teams — both west coast — about the affiliation.

When I asked him on the Twitters if he could speculate on which teams from the Western Conference might be talking to the Pirates, he offered up:

Unconventional sources (an internet message board and Twitter) aside, if Chris’ hunches and sources are correct then the Sabres could possibly have some great news to announce right after the Stanley Cup is awarded to either the Bruins or Canucks.

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