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Vulgar Statistics: The Stanley Cup Finals At A Glance


With the Cup Finals in full swing and two teams still playing our minds are still on hockey, but there simply isn’t much to analyze.  So I figured I would take a quick look at what I’ll call the modern Cup Finals starting in 1939 when the series was expanded to seven games.

Cup Champions:

  1. Montreal – 27 (20-7)
  2. Detroit – 21 (9-12)
  3. Toronto – 14 (10-4)
  4. Boston – 14 (4-10)
  5. Chicago – 8 (2-6)

Series Ending In:

  • Four Games – 29 (27%)
  • Five Games – 18 (25%)
  • Six Games – 19 (27%)
  • Seven Games – 15 (21%)


  • Forty of seventy-one teams (56%) put their names on the Stanley Cup by clinching it in front of their home fans.
  • Twenty teams (28%) won their Stanley Cup in an upset.
  • Of those twenty teams, fourteen clinched at home.
  • Of the twenty Cup Finals that ended in sweeps, eight of them were upsets.
  • Sixteen of the eighteen Cup Finals that were won in five games were won at home.
  • Only four of the 19 Cup Finals won in six games were won at home.
  • Twelve of the fifteen Cup Finals won in seven games were won at home.

Final Thoughts:

I thought it was interesting to see the fairly even breakdown of the number of games we’ve seen in the Cup Finals.  As a statistician, I tend to enjoy when things work out in a way that makes sense, and the better team winning a majority of the Cup Finals certainly makes sense.  With this one I don’t have a lot to say.  I hope you all enjoy the Vancouver – Boston finals regardless of who wins or where they win it.


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