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Vulgar Statistics: Cup Finals Power Rankings


And then there were two, Boston and Vancouver, my Eastern Conference dark horse (if you can call a division winner a dark horse) and Western Conference favorite are to play for the big prize.  It’s been a long road up to this point and for someone glory is just four wins away.


Based on how the playoffs have shaped up so far, this looks to be a pretty even series.  Overall Boston probably has slightly better stats, but Vancouver has also probably had better competition in every single round.  I think it’s fairly clear that in terms of overall talent, Vancouver comes out ahead by a wide margin with the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, and Higgins to Boston’s Thomas, Horton, and Chara.

Boston’s special teams have been a disaster, particularly on their power play which makes me shy away from them even further as a potential cup winner.  Their goaltending has been brilliant enough to give credit to, and yet shakey enough that no one trusts Tim Thomas.  Of course, the same thing can probably be said for the Vancouver Canucks and Roberto Luongo.

Final Thoughts:

I have Vancouver in six.  I think that Vancouver is by far the most talented team in the league and that Boston is fortunate to still be around after the way they tried to give away the first round.  Vancouver has proved it’s mettle playing two of the three (the other being Detroit) toughest teams in the playoffs and so they have my pick and my support.

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