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Sabres/Flyers Stanley Cup ECQF Game 7 Recap: Thank You, Sabres

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If I told you at any point before Feb. 22nd that the Sabres would not only make the playoffs, but take the second-seeded team to a seventh game, you’d have called me crazy. And yet here we are, hours after the Flyers eliminated the Sabres in game seven of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series.

I wrote two days ago that “When the Flyers want, they can just pour it on until the Sabres break”. That’s what they did in game seven. The Sabres just couldn’t compete when the Flyers decided they weren’t screwing around anymore.

For once, saying “There’s always next year” isn’t a verbal white flag – it’s an acknowledgement of an actual bright future on the horizon.

And after what looked like a series earmarked for disaster, just let me say thank you, Sabres.

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  1. Jack permalink
    04/27/11 10:58 AM

    This hack writing is fun and all but you should be applying at burger king. Loser.

  2. Dave permalink
    04/27/11 3:31 PM

    Hey jack instead of wasting your time commenting, practice what you preach. I heard wal mart needs a few more greeters, perhaps check there. Put your GED to good use. Meanwhile, Phil and I will keep writing because we can. Get a life you bum. And before you make another snide remark, I’m actually in a class at a college. It’s what I do during the day instead o wasting my time insulting a talented writer. Grow up.

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