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Phil Chats With Dear God, Why Us? Sports!


Do you read Dear God, Why Us? Sports, a Buffalo sports blog written by a terrible treble of NYC-based expatriates? You should because it’s awesome. The Yachtsman, the Apologist, and the Scizz are quality dudes who write some great fabulously-vulgar stuff. Definitely NSFW at times.

Recently the DGWU crew began their podcast series, called the Craptasticast. I had the pleasure of being being the first person featured in a Craptasterview, which was posted yesterday. Originally supposed to be a segment in episode 3 of the Craptasticast, we all rambled so long it got its own episode. Topics discussed were the Sabres/Flyers ECQF series, the Party In The Plaza, Alex’s Vulgar Stats column, and beer. Language is PG-13, so it’s moderately NSFW.

Have a listen to my Craptasterview in episode 4 of the Craptasticast by navigating over to Dear God, Why Us? Sports! Then proceed directly to the nearest television so you can watch the Sabres battle the Flyers in game 6 of their ECQF series at 3PM. The game is at HSBC Arena and on NBC instead of MSG.

You can follow the DGWU guys on Twitter at @Y_vo (The Yachtsman), @TheScizz (The Scizz, obviously), and @Sam_Hartman (The Apologist).

Stick-taps to the Yachtsman, the Scizz, the Apologist, and the DGWU production crew Megs and Mondee

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