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Recapping The 2010/2011 Season – Western Conference


Yesterday, the Eastern Conference’s regular season was recapped quick and easy style. Today is the Western Conference’s turn.

Hit the jump for the skinny.

Northwest Division
What Black & Blue & Gold Said: VAN, COL, CGY, EDM, MIN
What actually happened: VAN, CGY, MIN, COL, EDM

The Canucks ran the table against a terrible division en route to locking up their first President’s Trophy. Calgary tried to stage its own Devils-like comeback and likewise failed. The Wild bungled about the conference without a real identity. Colorado experienced an epic stumble following the All-Star Game. The Oilers somehow remained terrible despite the influx of fresh young talent.

Pacific Division
What Black & Blue & Gold Said: SJS, LAK, PHX, ANA, DAL
What Actually Happened: SJS, LAK, ANA, PHX, DAL

San Jose won the division for the fifth straight season without mainstay Evgeni Nabokov in net. The Kings battled through losing Anze Kopitar to finish within the top 8 for the second consecutive season. Anaheim rode on the shoulders of Corey Perry and Teemu Selanne into the playoffs. The Coyotes flawlessly executed Dave Tippett’s plan again without a star player. Dallas just missed the playoffs, barely missing out on making history.

Central Division
What Black & Blue & Gold Said: DET, CHI, STL, NSH, CBJ
What Actually Happened: DET, NSH, CHI, STL, CBJ

The Red Wings called upon their seemingly endless well of talent to take back the division title. Nashville yet again marched into the playoffs under Barry Trotz’ ace tutelage and their impenetrable defense. The Blackhawks backed into the playoffs after losing their exceptional depth last offseason. St. Louis’ exciting young team took a step back but is poised for future success. The Blue Jackets followed up their only playoff berth with a disappointing finish in 2010/2011.

So we did worse picking the Western Conference than we did the East – just 5/15. And with that, there’s the second half of Black & Blue & Gold’s quick season in review. Tomorrow will feature both conference’s playoff previews so keep an eye out!

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