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Recapping The 2010/2011 Season – Eastern Conference


Before the season began, each division in each conference was previewed in depth. Now that the regular season is over, let’s take a look at those predictions to see where we hit, where we missed, and where we whiffed like Charlie Brown chasing that football.

Recap is after the jump.

Southeast Division

What Black & Blue & Gold said: WSH, TBL, CAR, ATL, FLA
What Actually Happened: WSH, TBL, CAR, ATL, FLA

The Capitals were forced to re-tool their system when the old one stopped working and it won them the conference. Tampa Bay’s high-flying style scored them plenty of goals, but they had shaky goaltending as advertised. The Hurricanes challenged for the playoffs on the back of Jeff Skinner’s outstanding rookie season, but in the end they were a couple of pieces short of the playoffs. Atlanta played exciting hockey but just couldn’t maintain the pace they had established for themselves. Lastly, the Panthers yet again wandered about at the bottom of the division.

Atlantic Division
What Black & Blue & Gold Said: PIT, NJD, PHI, NYR, NYI
What Actually Happened: PHI, PIT, NYR, NJD, NYI

The Flyers played at a high level befitting their talent level until locking up the division and then coasted. Pittsburgh started out ridiculously hot but couldn’t maintain when they lost both Crosby and Malkin for the season. The Rangers devoted themselves to a system that emphasized shotblocking and rode it and Henrik Lundqvist into the playoffs. New Jersey dug themselves an unimaginable hole then orchestrated a marvelous comeback that ended up falling short. The Islanders made it competitive in the beginning but youth and lack of depth caught up with them in the end.

Northeast Division
What Black & Blue & Gold Said: BUF, BOS, MTL, TOR, OTT
What Actually Happened: BOS, MTL, BUF, TOR, OTT

The Bruins used exemplary performances by Tim Thomas and the defensive corps all season to win the division. Montreal’s speed and special teams gave their opponents a headache. The Sabres used a magical second half of the season to redeem their atrocious first half. Toronto’s compete level was world’s better this year but they fell just short of the playoffs. The Senators went through a complete implosion and fire sale on route to finishing last in the division.

So Black & Blue & Gold went 8/15 in predicting the Eastern Conference this season. Check back tomorrow at the same time to check out how we did with the Western Conference.


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