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Playoff Race Clusterf**k, Apr. 8


The Thrashers shut out the Rangers 3-0, halfway fulfilling Scotty’s prophecy, and the Senators held the Canadiens to one point with a 3-2 OT win. Meanwhile, the Sabres remain in 7th and their magic numbers is now 1.

Because of last night’s loss, the Rangers are no longer in control of their own destiny. A number of scenarios exist that have the Hurricanes replacing the Rangers in the playoffs. Sitting pretty in 7th, the Sabres actually have the chance to move into 6th if everything falls into place.

The only game on the schedule that impacts the Sabres (besides their own against the Flyers) is Carolina at Atlanta game. If the Thrashers can replicate what they did against the Rangers versus the Hurricanes, the Sabres can lock up their playoff spot even with a loss.

By virtue of the Rangers losing in regulation last night, the Sabres can clinch with 1 point tonight versus the Flyers. Why 1 point and not the previous 2? If the Sabres can collect 1 point, they worst they can finish is in a tie in points with the Rangers. With the first tie-breaker being ROW, the Sabres hold the advantage versus the Rangers. They can still finish 8th if the Hurricanes run the table, but 1 point tonight would guarantee that’s as low as they finish.

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