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Playoff Race Clusterf**k, Apr. 5


What a meltdown by the Bruins last night. By choking away a 3 goal lead and letting the Rangers win, the Sabres are back in 8th with a game in hand.

With the Rangers moving back into 7th, the Maple Leafs face elimination tonight with a tragic number of 1. Meanwhile, Carolina continues to pester away in 9th with a 3 point deficit.

Despite the glut of games on the schedule tonight, fans in Buffalo will only be really paying attention to the Lightning/Sabres contest. Ambitious fans will be watching the Blackhawks/Canadiens game (CHI reg. win helps move BUF into tie for 6th) while sadistic fans will be watching the Capitals/Maple Leafs game (WSH win or TOR shootout win eliminates TOR).

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  1. mike permalink
    04/05/11 3:30 PM

    wouldnt any sort of capitals win eliminate the leafs?

    they are six points back, and an OT/SO loss puts them 5 points back with 4 points available.

    • 04/05/11 3:33 PM

      Yes, yes it would. I don’t know why I wrote reg. – will edit now.

      Also, I need to add something fun to the WSH/TOR bit.

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