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Down On The Farm, Apr. 5


Nothing happened yesterday involving the Pirates.

Portland still leads the division by 1 point with 2 games in hand, but Manchester has quietly crept up right behind them.

Tonight’s opponent is Worcester, who is the most desperate team in the conference being 2 points back of the final playoff spot.

Something awfully funny is going on in the Cumberland County Civic Center, where three players were released from their PTOs (similar to ATOs but for minor leaguers instead of juniors). I can understand Scrymgeour and Tuzzolino being released based on production reasons, but not Mark Voakes. Voakes was a gem of a signing for the Pirates with plenty of production in his short stint with the team. When Chris Roy from Maine Hockey Journal saw the news, he posited his own theory about the decisions:

After talking to him briefly, he admitted his disbelief in either Mancari or Ellis returning. That leaves ATOs as the explanation, but the only forward in the system that is available is Kevin Sundher. If you recall, prospect guru Kris Baker excplained Darcy Regier’s apparent reluctance to award first-year draftees with ATOs so even Sundher may be out of the question. It’s a mystery as to what’s going on down on the farm.

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