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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Jhonas Enroth’s Brilliant Old-School Maneuver


(Ed. note: Updated with longer video featuring shot that hit Enroth’s mask and him calling for stoppage in play)

You saw it last night. Watch it again. Watch it 5, 10, 25, 100 times, or more. It doesn’t get old.

There’s so much about that sequence that is spellbinding – Enroth trying to headbang his mask back into place (an Ensiferum fan?), backhand flipping the mask onto the top of the net, whipping his head around to watch the puck, holding strong against a determined foe to prevent the goal, giving the trailing referee the stare of death for not blowing the whistle when he signaled for it (the video screenshot features a perfect view of the young netminder’s eye lasers).

Bonus awesomeness: Cody McCormick plowing through Jussi Jokinen like a Mack truck through a chain-link fence in a car chase film.

Enroth’s grandstanding save helped earn him third star of the week honors. It’s been a meteoric rise from starting for the Portland Pirates and being trapped behind (very) lame duck back-up Patrick Lalime to giving Sabres faithful renewed hope for the playoffs after Ryan Miller was sidelined with a chest/shoulder bruise following a loss to the Maple Leafs.

Speaking of Ryan Miller, Paul Hamilton had a couple of tidbits of note he tweeted today that are borderline good and should help quell the media- and hysterical fan-driven goalie controversy:


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