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Vulgar Statistics Retro Bonus Post: Patrick Lalime

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The time to post this data is long passed since Lalime is likely on his way out, but I figured that since I had it, I might as well share (and I’ve gotten a few requests to see it anyways).  Patrick Lalime got a lot of criticism when he was playing, and some of it was deserved.  He had a few games that were real head shakers, but largely the ire that was directed at him should have been directed at the team for not playing in front of him.

I’m just going to death-by-chart you and go at this rapid fire. (All numbers from the 09-10 season and the focus of the original study was to see if the Sabres resigning Patrick Lalime in the offseason was a terrible move. Obviously hindsight is 20-20 and the move didn’t work out regardless of how it looked and he likely won’t be back.  And it’s old stuff so the formatting is pretty raw.)

People look at Patrick Lalime and see this:

Which is a valid criticism. Ineffectiveness is ineffectiveness, period. However, they forget about these, which aren’t really that bad:



and even better:


Which makes the value seem okay. But that pesky winning percentage…


Ah…well there’s that.  Great to be Michael Neuvirth last year, eh?

Final Thoughts:

There really was no point to this entry other than to present data that a few people wanted to see, and a few others might find interesting.  I didn’t want to update them with Lalime’s stats this year because he’s pretty much done in the NHL.  Here they are for those that are interested: 0-5-0 with a GAA of 2.96 and a SV Pct. of .890.  In four starts he has had an average goal support of 1.5 goals per game (the team scored six goals in his four starts).

Like I said, hindsight is 20-20 and the Patrick Lalime experiment has been a somewhat curious, but no less collossal failure.  It is obvious that Jhonas Enroth is much better for the Sabres in the backup spot and I’d imagine the team intends to move forward as such.  Still, the blame for that cannot be placed solely on Lalime.  For whatever reason, when he played, the team didn’t even come close to what anyone could call showing up.


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