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Sabres, Hurricanes Fanbase Rivalry Will Hit New Level On 4/3


It happens every year. Sabres fans invade the RBC Center for both Buffalo at Carolina games in the season series. It only serves to intensify the hatred between both fanbases that began with bad behavior from both crowds during the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals. The rivalry will reach a new level on April 3rd when initiatives by both fanbases collide during a game with immense playoff implications.

On March 4th, a poster going by the username of “cc” created a conversation thread entitled “Buffalo Round 2 4/3 ATTEND” over at the Official Hurricanes Message Board. Fed up with the number of Hurricanes fans who refuse to go to Sabres out of disgust for the fans, he urged his fellow season ticket holder to buy up large numbers of tickets and invite friends to prevent the expatriate and hardcore Sabres fans from scooping them up instead.

It engendered the usual horrified responses and traumatic flashbacks from the 2006 ECF by Hurricanes fans, until one poster by the username of “fkelly” posted that Sabres fans got the STH discount code from a different Hurricanes fan site. Instead of packing the RBC Center with more Hurricanes fans, it instead gave Sabres fans keen on making the journey the chance to buy tickets at a 75% discount.

Meanwhile, up in Western New York, Jeremy White from WGR 550 orchestrated a dastardly operation called Trojan Slug. It entailed Sabres fans wearing Hurricanes gear as a disguise until puck drop, wherein they would reveal their true colors to the aghast home fans. Instead of engaging in Operation Trojan Slug, most Sabres fans are going to just arrive in their blue and gold gear. The invasion of Raleigh will again feature throngs of Sabres fans chanting “Lets Go Buffalo!” unchallenged by the home crowd, perhaps louder than ever with the new passion Terry Pegula has instilled in a fanbase eager for change.

If both teams continue along at their current pace, April 3rd could be an elimination game for the Carolina Hurricanes. Sabres fans will be in their glory as the away fans, loudly extolling their team in another’s barn as they often do away from HSBC Arena. And why wouldn’t they this season – the road has been very kind to the Sabres as of late.

Next week, another chapter will be written in the rivalry between the Carolina Hurricanes’ and Buffalo Sabres’ fanbases.

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  1. mike permalink
    03/29/11 12:45 AM

    there is nothing better then being among the hordes of sabres fans in another teams barn.


  1. For Sabres and Canes, it’s a Seven Game Series | buffalo74

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