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Playoff Race Clusterf**k, Mar. 26


The Sabres debuted their bottom-feeder killer instinct last night, mathematically eliminating both the Panthers and Senators with their 4-2 win over said Panthers. Elsewhere, the Hurricanes kept pace with Buffalo with a 4-3 win over Tampa Bay, the Penguins won a snoozefest with New Jersey 1-0 in the shootout, Ottawa somehow managed to shutout the Capitals 2-0, and Vancouver beat the Thrashers 3-1.

(With teams finally getting mathematically eliminated, I’ll be cutting those places out of the standings each day as the playoff picture tightens up)

Tonight, the Sabres can all but drive a stake through the heart of the Devils’ playoff hopes. Around the league, the Lightning could help the Sabres out immensely with a win over Carolina, the Bruins could make 7th place a possibility for Buffalo is they beat the Rangers in regulation, the Red Wings could add another nail to the coffin of the Leafs’ chances, and the Flyers could eliminate the Islanders with a win. The Islanders could also be eliminated if the Sabres get at least one point tonight.

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