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Game #74 Late Recap: Killer Instinct!


After all the grousing and complaining by fans that the Sabres didn’t have it in them to put away teams at the bottom of the pecking order, they beat the Florida Panthers 4-2 at home to deal the death blow to both them and the Ottawa Senators.

Two players scored last night that needed to get off the schneid – Drew Stafford and Jordan Leopold. Both goals were tip-ins, yet both tip-ins were totally different animals. It was good to see both players finally make it into the goals column again, but one superstar still hasn’t. Thomas Vanek continues to get his chances and find spots and make plays, but he’s completely snakebitten and it’s starting to have an effect on his famously-fragile psyche. The guy needs a sports psychologist and that’s that.

Ryan Miller, despite allowing a goal with 2.5 seconds remaining in the game, had an easy night. It took until deep into the second period for the Panthers to get to double digits in shots and they finished the night with 24, less than Miller is used to by far. On the whole, the entire team didn’t really need to expend much energy. Whether by design or convenience, those energy reserves will be tested tonight against a hungry Devils team.

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