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Playoff Race Clusterf**k, Mar. 19


With three weeks remaining in the season, the Eastern Conference playoff race has officially entered into clusterf**k mode (which is where the Western Conference has been since, oh, the beginning of the damn season). This is especially true in the battle for the last two spots being waged between three teams.

After last night’s results (WAS 3:0 NJD, NYR 5:3 MTL, CAR 3:2 NYI), the battle between NYR, BUF, and CAR has tightened while the gap between them and ATL, TOR, and NJD has widened. Tonight’s schedule can further deepen the divide with some select victories.

Regulation victories by Buffalo and Boston would add yet another nail into the playoff hope coffins in Atlanta and Toronto, while an unlikely Ottawa victory could further demoralize a top team in the stretch run. Buffalo and Boston especially need to take advantage of today’s opportunity, having only played 70 games each (good for fewest in the conference). Games in hand are a great way to make up ground but only if they’re taken advantage of.

(Playoff Race Clusterf**k will be a daily series running until the conclusion of the regular season)

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