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Game #77, Sabres @ Bruins: Omnishred


It was one of the Sabres’ most uninspired performances of the season on Tuesday night, but they still have the chance to move up the standings tonight when they visit their hated divisional rivals, the Bruins.

Yesterday’s practice saw Vanek, Hecht, and Grier return to the ice which resulted in Adam, Mancari, and Parrish returning to Portland. This morning, Mancari was recalled due to Hecht not being ready to come back to the ice. Weber is back in the press box, leaving room for Morrisonn to return to the line-up.

Some new keys to the game today. Number one is mix it up on the power play zone entry. The Sabres have the most predictable, broken entry method in the league and it shows. Number two is be more patient with the puck. They’ve been awfully scrambly lately and it’s been a problem as scoring chances are being wasted by poor shots and errant passes. Lastly is clear the puck with authority. Too often lately have the Sabres attempted a weak clearing shot only to have it result in an odd-man rush against.

Thanks to the 5-2 thrashing the Ducks delivered to the Rangers last night, the Sabres still find 7th place within reach tonight as long as they win. They can end their season-long road trip with a record of 4-1-1 if they just fight further.

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