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The Slugs Are Coming Down


The Slug has always polarized Sabres fans from its inception. It caused an immediate backlash which was highlighted by Drew Celestino’s petition to have it removed immediately. Most people don’t know this, but I was there on the front lines, getting my start in blogging as a contributor to Sabres, Not Slugs! way back during the 2006/2007 season.

Today I discovered this tweet by user musicallutheran via searching #Sabres on Twitter:

according to @JPegula , in her video on her blog, her dad (Terry) says the “slug” on the scoreboard will be gone! WIN! #sabres

Elated, I immediately posted the news and link to my own Twitter feed. I wrote a post for Sabres, Not Slugs! with the video embedded. Lastly, I went to Tumblr to do the same when I saw the video had been taken down.

The evidence is gone, but not the impact. In a video titled “Feb 25 2011 Buffalo Sabres video” at the 1:25 mark, Jessie Pegula points her camcorder at the jumbotron and quotes her father as saying:

“I don’t really like how people call it The Slug but it’s goin”

No timetable was mentioned, so don’t go into HSBC Arena tonight expecting them to be removed. That’s hasty and foolish. Expect an announcement following the conclusion of the Buffalo Sabres’ season that some changes will be made to the jumbotron. But remember, you heard it here first.

(Ed. note: And the video is back online, with a new title but the quote intact)

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  1. 02/26/11 11:19 AM

    The Slug never should have existed.


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