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Tracking The Trade Deadline, Pt. 2: East Coast! [expletive deleted] You!


Yesterday marked the launch of Black & Blue & Gold’s trade deadline series called Tracking The Trade Deadline. Today is the second installment, which focuses on the Eastern Conference with a little help from Spector’s Hockey head honcho Lyle Richardson!

(again, type in bold is me and type in italics is Lyle)

Regardless of the moves already made, who do you see as buyers and sellers in the Eastern Conference and who are the surprises in each category?

As far as sellers go, look for the Panthers to be top of the list, and I doubt the Senators are done. The Sabres are teetering on the brink.

As far as buyers, the Canadiens, Capitals, Bruins, Rangers, and Penguins all still have various needs to address which they could look to resolve by deadline day.

What, if any, trade murmurs have you heard coming in from the Western Conference? Stars/Pens was a shocker, but I have the feeling there will be more cross-conference swapping going on.

It’s believed the Avs are shopping John-Michael Liles. There’s also a wild multi-player rumor involving the Avs which would send Paul Statsny to the Kings but I don’t put much stock in it. Teams have made inquiries about Blue Jackets’ goalie Steve Mason but it doesn’t appear at this point they’re shopping him. Lots of speculation about Hemsky and Penner but the asking price for Hemsky is believed high, centering around a first round draft pick as part of the package coming back to Edmonton. Brad Richards’ name remains in the rumor mill but I still doubt the Stars move him. The Blackhawks remain in the market for a defenseman to help their PK.

So now we’ve got Dennis and Lyle’s thoughts on the impending deadline. What’s next? Some input from Black & Blue & Gold’s staff. Come back tomorrow for some insight from a BBGer!

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