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Game #59 Recap: Win One For The Pegger


That’s not the best Ronald Reagan reference ever, but it’ll do.

Quite the successful beginning for The Pegula Era, eh? There were a lot of positives to take away from this game – four goals scored, tons of sustained pressure in the offensive zone, Ryan Miller, Tyler Myers, and Tyler Ennis all playing like they should, and the penalty kill looked like last season’s amazing incarnation. But there were plenty of things to scowl at as well – the power play looking inept as usual, there were a couple of stupid penalties yet again, the Sabres had far less finish than the final score suggested, and they surrendered 41 shots against. A team more resembling Les Thrash from the early part of the season could’ve easily won that game, but on the other hand, they should consider themselves lucky the Sabres weren’t shooting with the greatest accuracy.

But before all of that, right before the special ceremony to welcome Terry Pegula to Sabreland, Darcy Regier addressed the media and informed them that deposed captain and now-waived Craig Rivet had requested a trade recently. It comes as a shocker to absolutely no one, as Rivet wouldn’t likely be looking at any ice time in Buffalo while some contending teams are currently having injury issues on defense. My personal preference, as stated in my game preview, was that Rivet would graciously accept an assignment to Portland as a leader and help settle the kids on their run. We’ll know what happens to him at noon EST on Thursday when his waiver period ends.

It’s being circulated by some noted rumor-mongers that if the Sabres fall out of a four point margin of 8th place, they’ll go into selling mode. They have two games remaining before he trade deadline, with the next being against Ottawa at home on Friday. The team controls their own destiny with all of their games in hand, but they still need help to continue climbing. Let’s see what happens over the next few days before the lunacy of Trade Deadline Day strikes.

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