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Tracking The Trade Deadline, Pt. 1 – Go West, Young Man


The trade deadline is a mere five days away, and Black & Blue & Gold will be leading up to it with a series called Tracking The Trade Deadline. Today’s premiere installment focuses on the Western Conference and features some thoughts from Dennis Bernstein, The Fourth Period’s west coast guru.

(type in bold is me and type in italics is Dennis)

Regardless of the moves already made, who do you see as buyers and sellers in the Western Conference and who are the surprises in each category?

Buyers – Kings definitively lead the pack, need a Top 6 forward and despite recent chatter, I feel they do move Simmonds for a offensive type. Wild will sniff round with Mikko injury and have some cap space. Flames will look round for the right deal, Feaster’s been on a magic carpet ride. Hawks want a defenseman but Leddy’s recent play has satisified Bowman.

Sellers – Stars puzzling trade of Neal tells me they’re in panic mode and certainly won’t buy, this move makes them the 2nd biggest surprise. Oilers still want a roster player and 1st rounder for Hemsky, high price (Shero went to DAL and got Neal after deciding that was too high). Avalanche most puzzling here with that big Blues deal….did they just give up?

What, if any, trade murmurs have you heard coming in from the Eastern Conference? Stars/Pens was a shocker, but I have the feeling there will be more cross-conference swapping going on.

Habs pressing hardest for a deal, either depth d man or Top 6 forward but Gauthier jammed up with all that bad paper he’s carrying. Panthers Tallon a wheeler dealer but think he keeps Booth and Weiss, I think someone will buy Stillman in the next week. Think the Rangers are looking at McCabe, not buying Gaborik trade talk. Devils had inquiries on Parise but Lou sticking to guns. I think Chris Phillips comes to his senses and comes off idea of staying in OTT, maybe to MTL or VAN given their defensive injury woes.

There’s Dennis’ thoughts on the trade deadline coming up from his view in Cali. Next up will be a similar view on what might as well be a hockey holiday from an east coast kinda guy. Stay tuned tomorrow for it!

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