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A Little Help From Their Friends


It is true that the Sabres have gone on a pretty healthy tear since the calendar hit 1/1/2011, but fans may be oblivious to the other reason they’re still only 2 points back from the 8th spot even after last night’s loss to the Maple Leafs (the first at home since the Bush administration) – everything has been going their way in the standings.

Diehards have been scoreboard watching for a while, and it’s seemed that the dominoes have all been falling in favor of the Sabres. Last night when the New Jersey Devils beat the Carolina Hurricanes at home 3-2, it was yet another instance of the incredible fortune that has surrounded Buffalo. For the past two weeks, nearly every match-up has gone the best-case scenario route.

With all of the games in hand the Sabres have over their the three opponents directly above them, the team truly controls their own destiny. But fans would be foolish to overlook how fortuitous everything has been lately. Tonight the Thrashers travel to Phoenix to play the playoff-bound Coyotes – let’s see if yet another game goes just right.

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