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How Much Have The Fisher And Versteeg Deals Mucked Up The Trade Market?


Recently, Mike Fisher was traded from Ottawa to Nashville and Kris Versteeg was sent to Philadelphia by Toronto. Both players garnering returns of a first round draft pick and a third round draft pick seems a bit steep, doesn’t it?

With how weak the hockey intellgentsia feel the first round class of the upcoming draft is, do you think the Fisher and Versteeg trades have devalued first round picks to the point that the Sabres may be able to finagle one for Tim Connolly out of a team desperate for depth scoring? This is of course dependent on the Sabres suddenly turning into sellers after their surge toward the 8th spot looks to be yielding fruit.

(Ed. note: Tomas Kaberle being traded to Boston for a 1st round pick, a conditional 2nd round pick, and a prospect further tangles the trade market. It looks like a 2nd round pick for Connolly is sensible and a 1st round pick is exceedingly possible.)

Ruminate on this in the comments below.

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  1. 02/16/11 5:29 PM

    1st rounder for Rivet? Haha! Seriously though, all this madness has really boosted Rivet’s value.

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