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FC Buffalo Blitzers Holiday Contest!


As you all know, I’m a friend of FC Buffalo. I just found out from owner Nick Mendola they’re doing a design contest wherein fans have the opportunity to create designs, logos, and emblems for future Blitzers merchandise!

The deadline is a little short – two days from now, on Monday – but don’t let that stop you!

From Nick:
We’re days away from unveiling some very special holiday offers for our great supporters, but wanted to include some of our creative fans in the process. Do you have a graphic idea or motto you’d want to see on a shirt or other paraphenalia?

Think we need a mascot design? Want a “Property of…” shirt? Think we should have a tee-shirt featuring an airbrushed drawing of a woman wearing an FC Buffalo bikini? Go nuts!

Send it to no later than this Monday. If it’s chosen by our staff, you’ll receive a shirt with the graphic on it as well as the universe-wide notoriety of designing something for us. As always, thanks for the support and go Blitzers!

So, Black & Blue & Gold readers, let’s see the artistic types come out of the woodwork to do something cool for your hometown soccer club!

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