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Anti-Darcy Rhetoric Machine


Hello to all BBG readers!! My name’s Tom, the newest addition to the BBG stable. My blogs are on hiatus at the moment, but Phil has graciously allowed me to write here. I hope to provide a slightly different perspective on the Sabres. I’m and old fart compared to Phil and Alex, so I tend to look at things a little differently. You can find me on twitter @Beechsack.

I’ll start my first column with two words that usually cause Sabres fans to shudder: 

Darcy Regier.

It’s difficult to find a Sabres fan that doesn’t have a strong opinion about Darcy. People tend to think that he’s either the worst GM in the history of hockey, or someone who has done a pretty decent job with the resources he has to work with.

While I tend to land somewhere in the middle of this Spectrum of GM Rage, I get a kick out of some of the criticism lobbed in his direction. He deserves it for some of his moves (or non moves), but some things are just downright silly. I’ll recount a recent criticism seen on a Sabres fan forum that drove me bonkers.

Patrick O’Sullivan was recently waived by the Hurricanes. He’s a decent player that had early success in the AHL, but really hasn’t been able to find himself in the bigs. Aside from a 53 point season with the Kings in 07-08, he hasn’t done much else. Very unremarkable player. If it wasn’t for his well documented problems with his dad abusing him through juniors, most people wouldn’t have a clue who he was. He most recently signed with the Carolina Hurricanes, who exposed him to waivers last week.

I saw a suggestion that Buffalo should have picked him up off waivers to center the Sabres 3rd line. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, but this suggestion came from a person notorious for proposing NHL 11 trades scenarios, so it was glossed over in short order. He appeared attractive because of his contract ($600k NHL / $105k AHL), and a single 53 point season in 07-08. Of course, his awesomesauce -35 in 73 games just last season didn’t get mentioned.

When the Wild picked the guy up, and he scored in his first game, the Anti-Darcy Rhetoric Machine hit overdrive. The argument was made that O’Sullivan would have made a difference in the shutout versus Pittsburgh. I don’t think I need to explain how silly an argument that is. Unfortunately, such things are all to commonplace these days.

While Darcy deserves some flak for letting some players hang around too long, and becoming a more passive GM over the last couple years, he doesn’t deserve to be ripped for not signing a journeyman player off waivers just because one person thinks it’s a decent idea. The Sabres aren’t playing well, but they’re not THAT far into the crapper that a move like this is called for.

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  1. 11/26/10 4:51 PM

    Welcome aboard!

  2. 12/18/10 6:25 PM

    I know I’m like 30 years late, but I love the shit outta this post. I love how every time a player gets picked up off of waivers someone says… “WHERE WERE YA DARCY? YET ANOTHER PLAYER THAT DARCY COULD’VE GRABBED BUT HE DIDN’T. UGH.” It’s not like every player on waivers or every third line center that gets traded is a gem, ya know? There’s obviously a reason that players of aforementioned stature get traded/ waived. I hate it when people use every opportunity to hate on Darcy… Players like Pat O’Sullivan aren’t gonna lead this team to the cup finals. Get over it.

    Great, great post.

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